Monday, June 30, 2008

Una don put me for trouble o...

I was mistaken…maybe my hands deceived me or my eyes been no see well,lol…My friends, I must confess say wetin my eyes and ‘that part’ of my anatomy see enh… my mouth can’t fit talk,lol…

Infact to cut long story short, I no fit siddon well for now.

I dey come make I go buy Vaseline…

O too much...

Friday, June 27, 2008

O or X?

The truant is back!
Yes o, no be for only school na im person dey be truant o. I have given myself the title-“Ogbonge truant of Blogville”,lol…
First of all, let me apologize to those that haven’t seen me at their blogs. Really am truly sorry but you know the reason now…work! I dey try small sha to pop in once in a while but it’s not been easy I must confess. I hail those who are able to update everyday and check all the blogs cos e no easy ra ra…

Secondly, I’ll like to thank everyone who drops by to read and comment. I appreciate all of you and y’all make me look forward to coming here everytime.

Okay that done. Now to give u the latest gist.

O finally broke the silence by Monday evening. He sent a text asking how I was and all. I replied his text telling him I was doing fine and asking after his affairs too. A few minutes after I sent the text, he called. I guess he was probably waiting for the green light(my reply) lol…

We spoke at length. He apologized for blanking me out and I accepted his apologies. However, I told him I didn’t like his way of cutting me out each time we had an argument and he promised he was going to stop doing that.

So we made up.

I haven’t spoken about X for some time now and it’s not becos we haven’t been in touch. We have been seeing each other; you all know his office is just opposite mine so he comes in regularly to say hi. Then again we live in the same vicinity so he comes around to the house sometimes. I must admit that I haven’t been discouraging him. Truthfully, he has been exceptionally good to me. Really caring and all…it’s almost like we are back to the way we used to be.

Am sure peeps like Charizard and LG go don dey frown by now,lol…

Okay I confess, I have started liking X all over again o. Maybe its becos O has been acting sme-sme of late and X has been like the perfect boyfriend model. I don’t know if that’s the reason but I sha know I am liking the guy even though my likeness never reach the point wey I go dey accept im sexual advances,lol…

Sometime last week, X was in my house and my folks had all gone out. We were watching TV together when small time bobo come begin to dey rub my body and come dey try to kiss me. I put on this fierce face and told him to “Stop... I don’t want!” Then I moved over to another couch. The bobo didn’t like it but wetin im go do? True am feeling him but not to that level yet. Man must tread cautiously abeg and O still dey there sef.

Anyway some times when we are together and O calls. I see the look X gives me but I sha ignore him. Once, I got a text from O and as I was reading it, I forgot X was there and I was smiling this goofy smile. When I finish reading and looked up, X was looking at me with a funny look on his face. I asked him “What?” and he said “That was a guy’s text that is making you smile abi?” I didn’t reply.

Then I asked him a question.

“Are we back together, what are we really doing?”
He says. “Yes we are back together babe”
Am like, “How did that happen…you do remember I told you there was someone in my life?”
He goes. “Yes I do and now you mention it, we need to talk about it. I noticed you have been receiving phone calls from some guy and text messages too. I know you’ve said it before but I didn’t believe you. Now I want to hear it from you again. Do you have another guy?”
I look at his face and see the seriousness. “Yes I do, am seeing another guy”
He looks like he had just been slapped and I noticed he tries to pull himself together and give me that macho attitude that guys give.
“Okay so now we need to get this settled finally. You have been with me and now you are with this guy. I want you back, in fact I want to marry you but I don’t want to be the second guy in your life. It’s either me or that guy. I want you to choose now so we can sort this once and for all”

The last time this came up between X and I , I somehow got out of it, now this is looking really tight!

Most of you probbably think i should tell X off and stick with O but It's not that easy. I couldn't! At that point when X asked me to choose, I realized that I still feel something for him a lot of things flashed through my mind. I remembered when we used to date and how good and caring he always was. X always went out of his way to ensure i was happy. He never gave me attitude like O does sometimes. Even when I misbehave he is always quick to forgive and forget. Do I really want to give up X for O?

And then I remembered the last time I was with O. That was a day after we had made up over the phone. We hung out after work and he had apologized all over again, saying he was going to put in more effort to make our relationship work.
I had asked him the ultimate question most unserious guys hate to hear. “What do you want out of this relationship”. I didn’t mean to pressure him to say he wanted to marry me o, I just wanted to psych him up a little.
His response was: “I really care about you babe and want you in my life but I want us to take this one day at a time”

O wants to take things a day at a time.
X wants to marry me today today

What do I want?
I want to marry a man that I love and respect and who will love and respect me forever.

The question now is who will that man be? O or X.

O hasn’t proposed o and X seems to be getting impatient for an answer.

Una fit help me for this one?

Happy weekend everyone!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I’m truly sorry for leaving y’all hanging like hangers(lol) since the last time I posted. You know how it is with work and other stuff that take one’s time now ;). So am responsible for making you guys drink countless bottles of soda and lots of popcorn too?lol… Eh ya…and the ladies were supposed to be on a diet too…chineke! Aphro see what you’ve caused now,lol…they’ve all gone and added more pounds…oya I declare seven days fasting for all of you, that should take care of the excess weight,lol…

Okay on to serious matters now, am sorry to inform y’all that ur wait for the BIG DEED is over. No…I didn’t do it yet and may never will. In fact the truth is that we may never get to know how well small things can perform anymore:(
O and I may never work out!

By now am sure you are all wondering what am going on about.

Hold your breath. I’ll give you gist.

So last Wednesday-the last time I posted-when O came to pick me up for lunch from the office and I was so excited about it. Well, things didn’t work out as planned. Just as I was about rounding up the work I had at hand and gearing up to go ask for permission from my boss to take the rest of the day off. I got a call from one of our clients to attend to some urgent brief. There and then I knew there was no way I was running away from the office especially as there was no one to delegate the job to.

So there I was attending to the client’s brief and O was sitting opposite my desk leafing through some newspapers. He had this bored look on his face so I wasn’t surprised when he asked to leave so he could attend to some other stuffs. He said I should call him as soon as I was through with work so he could come pick me up. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea at least he would be utilizing his time better than just sitting there doing nothing in my office.

My people na so I come dey office dey attend to work o…time come dey go! I kept glancing at my watch miserably but there was nothing i could do...i was stuck!

You won’t believe that I was only able to round up my work by few minutes to 7pm. It was crazy! I felt so bad then I remembered I hadn’t called O as I promised. He also hadn’t called since he left.

So I called. As soon as he picked up I started apologizing, saying how sorry I was that my work had to spoil our plans and all. Then I asked where he was and if he could still make it down to my office. I felt we could still do dinner since lunch had been impossible. He said he was very far from my office and couldn’t come down so I said, “cool…no stress…I’d just go home then”
But then things didn't end there. O went on to say that he had taken the two days off (that day was the second day. He had come the previous day to my office but didn’t spend much time cos he was just coming from the hospital and said he needed to rest. I had had no qualms about it and urged him to go home) just because of me…because he wanted to spend some time with me and I didn’t have his time at all.

I replied that it wasn’t true cos the reason he had taken time off work was cos he was ill and not just cos he wanted to spend time with me.
I didn’t bargain for his outburst. He was really angry that I said that. According to him, I didn’t appreciate what he did by leaving his office for two days because of me and there I was telling him it was because of his illness. He ranted on while I was just wondering what the rant was all about. I felt he was taking everything too far so I mumbled “Issues…drama”. He stopped talking for a minute and asked “What did you just say?” I replied “I said "Issues…drama”

Before I go on friends, I must explain what I meant by that “issues…drama” statement. The thing is that we are always fighting over minor issues and I keep telling him that we have too much issues and drama in our very young relationship. So that was why as he went on about how I wasn’t appreciative and all, I mumbled “Issues…drama”. Get it now?

Okay so back to my gist. When I said what I said. He now grew even more angry and upset and went on this time about how am trying to push him away and succeeding. Then he said the one that hurt me the most “Maybe it because of the fact that a lot of guys are after you that’s why you are acting this way”. I felt there was absolutely no need for that statement but as is usual with me, when am angry I try not to say a word cos I could say something I’d regret later on. So after talking he was like “let me leave you cos I have nothing else to say to you” And I was like “Okay bye”. Then he said “is that all you have to say” and am like “what else do you want me to say? I have nothing to say” then he cut the line.

All these happened on Wednesday evening o

So later that night during happy hour. I called him. I wanted us to talk about the argument we had earlier and I was in the mood to apologize for everything even though I didn’t see what I said/did to deserve all his rant. So I called and it rang severally but he didn’t pick up. I wasn’t perturbed cos I thought he was probably asleep and wasn’t expecting my call.

The next morning, Thursday morning, I sent him a text:
“Hello Baby. How are you doing this morning? Feeling better? Called you last nite but you were probably fast asleep. Just wanna wish you a great day. Take care.”

I was hoping he’d have gotten over our argument the previous day and would reply my text but he didn’t. All day, my hands itched to dial his number but I suppressed the urge. I wanted to see if he would call. He didn't.

By Friday evening. I hadn’t received a call or text from him but I couldn’t suppress the urge to call him any longer so I dialed his number. It rang repeatedly and he didn’t pick up. I waited a while and dialed again. Same thing happened. He didn’t pick up. Now I was sure he was deliberately refusing to take my calls.

I was hurt. Why does he always act this way. We have a problem and instead of sorting it out, he decides to cut me off. This wasn’t the first time he’d be doing this and I was getting fed up!

Saturday morning. I woke up depressed and wanting to talk to him and get things sorted out once and for all but after unsuccessfully dialing his number and getting ‘number not available’, I decided to send another text:
“ Hmmm…u get mind o. I don’t know how u do it…carrying grudges for days. Anyway just wanted to talk but obviously u don’t want to. Take care”

It wasn’t until later in the day-towards evening that I got a reply from him:
“I’m not carrying any grudge. It’s just that I feel that no matter what I do, u don’t believe that I truly care for you. Your comment about drama and issues wasn’t nice too”

Shio! What is this guy talking about? Caring truly for me? Is not calling or taking my calls for three whole days, his own way of showing how much he truly cares for me? If that was what caring for someone meant then i don't want to be cared for o!

Anyway so I got his text but I didn’t reply it. It was obvious he was still angry about what transpired between us but then I wasn’t bothered anymore. He isn’t the only one who can do the silent treatment thing. I have decided am not going to call him and if this is the end of our relationship, so be it. I don’t even want a husband who I’ll be begging anytime we have a small argument.

I also want to be spoilt and pampered jare!

Just in case, you care to know. He hasn't called up till this moment.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hey people! How una dey? I hope y’all are bouncing fine, eh?
Okay I hear a loud yeaaaaaaaaaa, that’s very good.

Sorry I abandoned blogville for a few days. It’s been crazy with work meeen…e be like say this people no want make I blog o cos the rate with which the work dey pile up enh, my people una go pity me,lol…

So what’s been happening? Anybody slap any body? Anybody thief anybody boyfriend? Did afro get a tatoo or join the convent? Florida don open sex education school or did smaragd become an air-hostess yet?lol..

Don’t mind me, just fooling :)

So I know your ears are twitching for some gists.

Nothin much has been happening.

This time I mean it.

I haven’t sampled O’s ‘kini’ so I can’t tell you anything about it.

Hmmm…just remembered something.

Last weekend we were talking about stuff and somehow our gist drifted to sex.

O: Ehen…you know we still got unfinished business babe?
Me: What unfinished business?

O: You know what am saying girl…since that night…I haven’t stopped thinking about it…you know babe, I cant wait to show you the stuff am made of.

Wetin this bobo dey yarn? Which stuff? The one wey I know abi na another one?

Me: Plzzzz…stop blowing you trumpet…I’ll like to see for myself and not hear…lets wait till then”
O: Okay…okay I won’t talk about it…lets wait till then

Hmmm…the bobo fit get some hidden skills o. Make we dey see now

Eh ya…peeps I gotta run now. O is in my office waiting for me to round up work so we can go have lunch someplace. He didn’t go to work today cos he is not feeling well so I got him to myself all day. Hurrray!!!
What’s left is for me to convince Bossie that am not feeling too well too,…am not lying o…your girl’s got headache,lol…

I haven’t ever seen a movie on a weekday, hmmm…would be nice if I can do that today, don’t ya think so?

It’s weird. O is seated right in front of me and am typing away about him,lol…if only he knew!

God no go let am read this blog lai,lai

Peace out guys!

Friday, June 13, 2008

BIG thing no be Ultimate o!

Hey y’all!
Your comments on my previous post are very much appreciated. Some of them cracked me up badly, some made me think hard. I confess when I was typing that post, I had almost made up my mind that O and I cannot work. I just didn’t see myself doing business with ‘small’things,lol…However after your enlightening comments, I have decided to give the ‘small thing’ the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see if small thing can do great things,lol… as they say small can also be mighty, right?

Afrobabe’s comment particularly got me thinking.

It was so true.

Sometimes BIG thing is not the best o. The pain can supercede the sweetness and then you end up feeling uncomfortable even days after the deed is done.
Maybe small thing isn’t so bad afterall, as long as it can hit the right spots and the guy is also good with his tongue and hands, things should be alright or what do you think?

I remember doing it with X and how painful and sore I usually was after each encounter. X is well endowed down there and has a way of going at it fast and rough. One of my friends I discussed it with then said he was f..king me and not making love to me. According to her theory, f..king is when a guy just goes at it for his own satisfaction instead of pleasuring his partner. I don’t know if she was right but one thing I knew for sure was I never came!

I hope am not spoiling any underage pikin o!

Two days ago, I met up with X for drinks after work.

We were talking about stuff generally when I blurted.
“You know all the time we made love when we were together, I never came?”
He looked stunned. After a few minutes of silence he spoke
“You never came…why?”
Staring at him unflinchingly, I continued
“You were always so rough, remember I used to complain then (at this point he nods his head) about how painful it was for me whenever we made love and how i used to dab my privates with hot water to soothe the soreness”
“But I thought I used to ask if you came and you said yes”

“Asked? You never did”

So my peeps, you see BIG things are not always the ultimate.

I’ll give O’s small thing a chance

Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy ur weekend everyone and don't do what i wouldn't do,lol...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey friends!
What’s going on in blogsville? I know I have been out of touch for sometime now. I haven’t been able to check on some of your blogs cos I have been out of town. Had to go represent my company at a workshop in ABJ. You guys, be not deceived o, am not one big shot executive o,lol…I wish say my job responsibilities dey equal to the salary, by now man pikin for don dey drive hummer,lol…

Nothing much has been happening in my love life o, lol…I lie, so much has been happening joo.

Okay let me start from last Friday, the last time I posted.

O called me that night to say that we had to spend the whole of Saturday together cos he had missed me so much. I was only too happy to agree and so we fixed a date. He would come pick me from home and we would have a nice cosy time at the beach whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears,lol…at least that was the plan until Saturday morning came with its serious downpour. It rained cats, dogs and elephants that Saturday morning and I knew our beach plan had been spoilt.

Later when the rain stopped, O came around. We couldn’t do the beach again so we settled for a movie at the cinema. The movie was a nice one, made better by the fact that I was there with O and we spent most of the time snuggling up and stealing…

Movie ended, we headed for home. It was quite late and the traffic was crazy because of the earlier downpour. Then I started to get the funny feeling, yea your girl started feeling horny o,lol…I really wanted O to take me there and then, it was crazy! I took his hand and snuck it under my top. He turned to look at me with a smug smile playing at the corner of his mouth. Then he started to fondle my nipples, mheen…the feelings were heightened, It took all my self control not to take off my top there and then. Then the traffic started moving and he had to remove his hands back to the steering. I was frustrated.

I hope some peeps are not thinking ‘This aphrodite is a rotten babe’ o! But what’s the essence of having a blog if I can’t say it as it is. You guys don’t go all holy holy on me now abeg.

Okay so back to my gist.
We soon got home and as he made to park in front of my house. We looked at each other and we both knew what the other was thinking. I wanted him, and he wanted me. At the end of my close is a mini-parking lot. That was where we headed.

As soon as he killed the engine, we were in each other’s arms, kissing and tearing away at our clothes.

Everything was going smoothly until I unzipped his trousers and put my hands inside his boxers. It wasn’t what I bargained for o…the thing was in ssssssmall!
Mheen na so i weak o! How fine boy like dis, huge and nice physique go come get small 'kini' like this now?

I no go lie o, my interest just died down and I withdrew.

He turned to me, concern written all over his face.
“What is it baby?”
“Nothing, just that I don’t think we should be doing this here, the place and time is not right and I really have to get home now”
I hoped my disappointment was not showing on my face.

I think he suspects I wasn’t too happy with his ‘kini’ that night. Funny enough, since that evening, he has been unusually all over me, calling me, saying all the nice things I love to hear and sending sweet text messages but oddly, am not impressed anymore. I just keep remembering his small ‘kini’

The truth is that...


Peeps do you think am being shallow?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Update Gist.

“Babe are you enjoying the movie?”
X moved in to close the space between us and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.I felt he was too close for comfort and tried to pull myself away but he held on tightly.
“Yea, I am”
That was not particularly true cos I was yet to fully understand what the movie was all about. So far, it had seemed boring and I wasn’t really feeling the movie and the unpopular faces being paraded in it.
It was a Saturday and I was at a cinema with X. I had been too happy to accept his offer when he called to propose it cos I didn’t have anything better planned for the day and my other option would have been to stay in bed feeling blue over O’s recent attitude and wishing he would call.
So there I was with X in the cinema and he was trying to get all touchy feely and lovey dovey but I was trying to squirm out of his grip without making it so obvious.
I stared sideways at him and couldn’t help noticing the goofy grin on his face. He seemed so happy being with me there. I asked my self if I was happy to be there with him or was it just a welcome escape from a dreary day. I hadn’t arrived at an answer yet when he butted into my thoughts with a comment on the movie. I didn’t even hear what he said but nodded smiling as if I did.

I turned my attention back to the movie but yet again I couldn’t stop my thoughts from wandering. I thought of the woman at the body care shop. We had stopped over there to look around before we headed for the cinema. Coincidentally, X had known her from somewhere and they exchanged pleasantries like long-lost friends. X introduced me to her as ‘My woman’. I wasn’t sure I was comfortable bearing that tag just yet. I had bought a facial soap and promised the woman I’d be back some time in the future to buy the body shop oil perfume I liked.
I wondered what she would think if I sauntered into her shop at a later date with O cos this particular mall was one I visited with O at times. Of course she would expect me to be with X since he had given her the impression we were an item, a hot item at that. Would she think I was a loose girl who dated several men at the same time? What did I care really? I wondered.

The movie soon ended and I was grateful. I had seen better movies and this one didn’t cut it with me at all, something about a bank job(robbery). It was the same old, same old, nothing new there.

As we drove out of the mall, O asked if I wanted some ice-cream. We could head to a particular popular ice-cream joint, he offered. I wasn’t too keen on that cos I was on some kind of diet. Diet? Who was I kidding? I usually spoilt the diet soon after I started,lol…. I made a mental note in my head not to spoil this particular diet with my longthroat,lol..

So I declined and asked that we head home. I had an appointment with my tailor that evening so I might as well go see her. He said okay and we headed home.
As he dropped me off at my tailor’s, he made to kiss me. I still wasn’t ready to start exchanging mouth liquids with him just coupled with the fact that I was still technically with O and I was still kissing him(we are not shagging o). That is one thing with me, I can’t bring myself to kiss two guys at the same time talk less of shagging them both, am not just that type of girl!
So I turned my cheek for a peck, thanked him for the date and got down.

Sunday came.
I didn’t hear from O still and I wasn’t ready to hang out with X again. Two days in a row would just confirm that we were back together and I wasn’t sure about that yet so I prepared for a quiet day of lounging at home. I was lying in bed reading a novel when K’s call came in. God! I had practically forgotten he still existed. I picked the call and we yakked a lil’bit. How have you been and all that bla bla bla. Then he asked if we could see cos it had been a while and he wanted to talk to me. I didn’t bother asking him about what cos I already knew it won’t be on anything else than how much he loved me and wanted me to consider him and bla bla bla,lol..
Anyway I was in a low spirits cos of O and it wouldn’t be bad to have someone toast me and make me feel good about myself (Not fair on K, I know so hold on with the preaching guys). I spent the rest of the day with K, he took me to a buffet lunch at one popular hotel like that and I have to admit, I had fun although at a point I was thinking how it would have been much more fun if I was there with O and not K.

Through out our date, K kept asking me about my boyfriend. I kept saying which boyfriend? Did you dash me boyfriend? But he insisted that he knew I was in love with someone and I was dating this person. He made reference to those times he’d called my phone in the middle of the night only to discover I was talking with someone. I knew he was talking about O but I didn’t want to confirm anything so I just sat there and smiled all through.

Something else he said caught my attention. He said although he wanted to marry me, he wouldn’t kill himself if I gave him an invite to my wedding soon. He’d take it as one of those things but that it would hurt him terribly if it turned out to be X, I was getting married to(yea, they know themselves and there is some sort of rivalry btw them).
I laughed and asked him why marrying some other guy would hurt him less than me marrying X. He didn’t give me a cogent reason but I suspect it had something to do with X finally getting what he(K) didn’t get.

On to O.
I saw O for the first time in more than two weeks, yesterday.
I was at my desk working in my office, trying to finish a presentation I was working on before leaving for home when I saw his familiar figure at the door. How come the receptionist didn’t call to inform me he was here, I wondered. Plus I was looking really harassed and disheveled. If she had informed me, I could have applied powder and brushed my hair or something. I hadn’t seen him(O) for a while and I would have loved him to see me looking fab.
“There was no one out there so I let myself in” he said as he walked in.
I looked at the time, phew! It was after 5pm already, the receptionist must have left, she hardly waited for the official closing time before taking off. Probably to see her own bf, what my own sef?lol…

I didn’t know what to do. All at once so many emotions were conflicting in my head. Anger, Excitement, Sadness, Happiness, I just didn’t know what to feel exactly so I turned my attention to the computer monitor, my work suddenly seemed more interesting.
Then he came close, wrapped his arms around me and buried his head in my neck. I caught a whiff of his scent, Kouros, I had made him buy it, it was one perfume that almost always get me weak in the knees and that moment wasn’t an exception. Then he tuned my face and kissed my lips. I could already feel the throbbing down there and I needed him to stop before I gave myself away.

Anyway he stayed for a while and we talked.
He apologized for his recent attitude and told me the issues he had with his former bank had been sorted out.
I was silent for a while, then i asked. “Was it some other woman?” he shook his head.
“It was just work stress and the issues you had?” I questioned again. He nodded his head.

As we hugged and kissed before he left, I was in no doubt that I truly cared about this guy. Why is it that it’s the one we love that causes us so much heartache? Why can he be just as doting as K or X or Bobo Nice or BG? Maybe we don’t have a future together but one thing I know is this, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Have a great weekend y’all, love ya!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

O's Issues

These past few days, I have been tempted so many times to come online and update my blog but I wasn’t just able to find the time to do so. Things have just been crazy and I have been very busy.
So much has happened since I last posted and I can’t tell all with this post but I’ll try and update y’all as much as I can. Where do I start from now sef?

Okay, let me start with O.
I told you guys that he had called last week Monday to tell me he had a surprise for me. Well na so I dey dey wait for surprise o, monday passed.

Tuesday, I arrived the office to be told that my boss had called in sick and asked that I represent him at some event that day. I quickly discharged some of my duties and when it was time, I left for the event. Boss had said it was a Launching or something of the sort. I wondered what it was that they were launching. I didn’t realize he had meant Luncheon and I was the one who misunderstood him so I was delighted when I arrived the hotel where the event was scheduled to hold only to find that it was a buffet lunch organized by one of the media houses to appreciate those of us in the P.R sector. Who no like beta thing? Na so una sister just start to dig in o. I sampled almost everything that was on display and they all tasted really nice. I was still enjoying my meal when my phone started ringing and I glanced at it to find that it was O calling me. I quickly answered the call.

“hello baby, guess where…” I was still talking…the excitement in my voice, when he cut in.
“Aphrodite where are you??” I was surprised at the urgent tone in his voice. Wondering what was up, I replied “Am at P Hotel for a buffet”.
“Buffet?” he didn’t sound impressed. “Anyway I’m just coming from your office, I came with L to see you and was told you went out”. L was his elder sister.
“Eh…ya, you came with L and I missed seeing her…I had to come represent my boss at this luncheon…”
He didn’t let me finish. “So why didn’t you tell me you were going out?”.
I was shocked. Which kain question be dat one now? I couldn’t hold my tongue. “Why didn’t I tell you I was going out? So I have to tell you before I leave my office now or what?”
“What do you mean by that? No you don’t have to tell me anything, enjoy ur buffet, bye” and he cut the phone.
For a few seconds I just stared at my phone wondering what just happened.
Later, when I got back to the office. I called him back. I told him that I didn’t understand his anger since it wasn’t like he had told me that he was coming with L and I left the office without telling him. He insisted I shouldn’t have talked to him the way I did, telling him that I don’t have to tell him anytime I leave my office. I didn’t see what I said wrong and told him so. We argued a little while and when I realized that things were getting heated up I told him that I had to attend to some other issues and ended the call.

We didn’t speak again that day. He didn’t call and I didn’t call too.
Wednesday came, he didn’t call. I didn’t either.
Thursday still no word from O. I wasn’t going to call too. Remember I said I wasn’t going to push things anymore, so I chilled and played the silence game with him
Friday, three whole days and yet no word from him. WTF? I could understand him blanking me out for one day or two but three whole days?!! Which kain vexing be dat now? Then I started getting scared. I hope nothing had happened to him. Maybe he was sick or had an accident. Several thought were flying through my head. I couldn’t keep playing the silence game. I had to call to find out if he was okay. So I called.
“Hello, are you okay? Why haven’t I heard from you for three days now?”
His voice was low “I was upset with you…you scolded me”
“You were upset with me? That’s why you didn’t call? That is so childish and am very disappointed, well I just called to make sure you are okay and I can see you are so I guess we’ll talk later, bye bye”
I ended the call.
I didn’t know if I felt better or worse after calling him. He sounded so fickle telling me the reason he didn’t call me for three whole days was because he was upset with me. Upset for what? I didn’t know! Somehow, it opened my eyes a little. Those three days I didn’t hear from him were pure hell for me. I longed to hear his voice every minute and there he was telling me he didn’t call because of the little argument we had. I felt so sad. What that said to me was that probably we weren’t operating on the same frequency at all. My fears all this while were being confirmed gradually. It was pretty obvious now that he didn’t care about me as much as I did for him.

Anyway, later he called to tell me that he had said that to me then because he was somewhere then and he couldn’t talk at the time I had called. He said there were things he was dealing with and he would tell me about it later. I said okay and he dropped the phone.
I didn’t hear from him all through the rest of that Friday.
Saturday morning,i woke up with him on my mind. I hadnt seen him for almost two weeks now and was really missing him so I sent him a text.
“Are you pushing me away? Is that it? Tell me”
He didn’t reply immediately. Hours later, his reply came.
“Why would I push you away? There’s some stuff going on with me now. I know how you feel but don’t worry, I‘ll tell you everything”
There was nothing I could do except to wait for him to tell me what this thing that was coming between us was.

Later that evening he called and gave me some explanation on how he was having some issues at work, something that had happened at the previous bank where he used to work had come up again and it could threaten his job in his current bank if he didnt resolve it without their knowing. It sounded really serious and I got the feeling that he wasn’t telling me everything.
I didn’t know what to make of the whole situation. I mean, even if he was having problems, shouldn’t that be the more reason to call me and talk to me about it. I thought being in a relationship with someone you care about means having someone to share your joys and pains with.
So that’s the situation now guys. I hardly get to speak to him on the phone cos his phone is almost always switched off and it seems like ages since we last spoke at our usual happy hour(middle of the night).
I know I still care about him deeply but am not sure about ús and where all this is leading.
Will just wait it out, I guess.

I have to run now. Will be back to give you more gists on X and others. Sorry i havnt been able to visit all my blog pals, no be my fault abeg, na work abi if them sack me, una go employ me?

take care for now y'all!