Thursday, September 25, 2008

Breakfast with B.G and Prayer warriors.

This morning, I hooked up with B.G for breakfast. It had been a while(like 5 months) since we last saw. Yes, he called and sent texts regularly but anytime he tried to initiate a hook up, I always came up with some excuse or the other. I wanted him to understand that we were over and I was with someone else now but it was obvious that was a fact he wasn’t ready to accept.

So why did I finally agree to do breakfast wit him today? I don’t even know myself. Just that I thought, what da heck? It was just breakfast right? But I was wrong. It wasn’t just breakfast for him. He wanted to talk. Talk about us. About why we broke up and how he wanted us to get back together.

He looked good. Better than the last time I saw him. I had to compliment him on his look.

Breakfast was okay and he had a lot to say. He really wants us to get back together. He can’t see himself with any other woman except me. He hasn’t been able to open up to any other woman since I left him. The last time he had sex was with me and so on.

He wanted to know what the issues I had with him were so he could make amends and try to right the things that went wrong. How do I begin to tell a guy that I left him because he wasn’t a sharp dresser or his tee-shirts always had holes in them and his apartment lacked taste? Yea, I know, it sounds shallow abi? The truth is I probably didn’t love him cos if I did those things wouldn’t matter or would they?

Well, after much prodding from him as to why I left him. I had to mention some of the things above like his dress sense, his lack of taste and all. I was surprised at his reaction. He actually agreed with me that those were enough reason for me to have left. He told me that he was already working on himself as I could see(I told you he was well dressed). Then he asked me: “Aphro, if I got a better apartment, improved my dressing and got a new car. Do we still have a chance?” I didn’t say a word but I thought about his question. Would I go back to him? i didn't think so. Why? Because I was in love with someone else, Simple!

I didn’t say that to him though but am sure he understood what my silence meant cos he looked forlorn and disappointed. Then he went on:
“A new car, beautiful apartment, new clothes, all that would not mean anything to me if you are not there to share them with. You are the only woman whose compliment on my appearance matters to me. I want you to be the first woman to sit in my new car, I want to share the new apartment with you and you are the only woman I want to make love with on my new bed”
Na wa o!
This guy serious no be small. If only O can be as serious and in love as this, then I no get problem,lol...

Anyway, we had to cut the breakfast short. I had to get back to the office, same with him too. However we had an understanding. I had no plan of ending my relationship to get back with him and my suggestion was that he should try to open up to other women cos life doesn’t start and end with Aphrodite. He didn’t agree with this though, cos for him, there is nothing to live for without me.

It’s times like this that it hits me hard in the face. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

On to something else.

A friend visited me last Sunday. She just recently got married. So we were talking about stuff and as usual with young women, the topic drifted to marriage issues. We both agreed that it was important to pray very hard before one takes the plunge into marriage but then she took it a bit further. According to her, it is very good to consult with prayer warriors who will seek the face of God regarding the marriage and tell you whether to go ahead or not. She told me her own experience.
She was supposed to get married about 3 years ago but before going ahead with the marriage plans, her mum went to this woman, a prayer warrior who prayed about it and told them not to go ahead cos he wasn’t her husband. She really liked the guy but decided to heed the woman’s advise. Today the guy is dead and she is very happy she didn’t marry him cos she would have been a widow by now.

I asked if she went to the prayer woman before accepting her current husband’s marriage proposal and she said Yes and that the woman had said she should go ahead, that God was in support.

Then she suggested that I see the woman because of all the guys coming for my hand (B.G, K, Bobo Nice and O) cos the person I want may not be the right one for me.

I don’t know if I should go cos am thinking, what if the woman says its Bobo Nice or K that is my husband and that O is not the man for me? Will I leave O and marry Bobo Nice just cos someone said that was what God said?

I no sure o.

So my friend has arranged for me to meet with this woman tomorrow. She only sees people on Tuesdays and Fridays. I have even got my boss’s permission to miss work tomorrow but am still undecided.
Should I go?
What do u guys think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I dont see myself kissing reason?

Hmmm…so I have been gone for a while. I am so sorry people. Had to make an emergency work-related trip but am back in Lasgidi now.
Princesa dearest, sorry I couldn’t make it to the SBR as promised. I hope I get to pick up my T-shirt really soon. Saw the pics, they were nice.
Nikki and Oluwadee, the vows have been exchanged now right? Wish you both a happy and blissful married life with the men you love. Very very soon we go join una, all the single babes/guys out there shout a big amen…AMEN!!!!

Ehen...So besides work, what has been happening to Aphrodite? That’s the question right?

Aphrodite has been good. Things with O have been pretty cool. Fineboyagbero sorry to disappoint you bro but it doesn’t look like I will come crying to you about O anytime soon if he keeps things up the way they are right now. He made me a promise to be more dedicated to our relationship. So far he has been trying sha. Giving me attention and all and you all know how much I crave attention,lol…

X is totally out of my life now. I hope.
Doll, bumight, Flo, am sure you are happy to hear this cos you guys have really been on my case to Fashi him totally.
How did I finally get rid of him? Well, I didn’t really do anything o…he kinda got rid of himself by himself,lol…
So the last time I saw him was the day after my birthday.
On my birthday he had sent me a text to wish me happy birthday. He couldn’t even call. He sent me a text! I got tons of text that day even old pals from school that I hadn’t heard from in years sent me a text! So what was the big deal? I didn’t expect just a text from him. I expected that he would have called at least even if he couldn’t send a card, gift or a cake after all he’s been claiming to love me abi?

Truth be told, he had visited me a few days before my birthday and brought up the Ghana trip issue. Remember I told you guys he had suggested taking me to Ghana for my birthday but I declined the offer. Going to Ghana with him would automatically mean that I had accepted him back cos we would have to share a room or something and you know now, something fit happen wey person no plan,lol…

Anyway so that day he came around before my birthday, he brought up the Ghana trip issue again and I declined again. Then he said fine, so how are we going to spend my birthday as in where do I want him to take me to here in Lagos. I was like I didn’t want to go anywhere. I just wanted a quiet birthday. No celebrations, nothing. He kept pressuring and I kept insisting I didn’t want to go anywhere. Finally he gave up.

But even though I had said I wanted a quiet birthday devoid of fanfare and all, does it stop him from sending a gift or cake now my people? That I didn’t want to celebrate didn’t mean I wasn’t going to accept gifts now. Anyway that was how he(X) didn’t even call on my birthday much less send a gift or try to see me. He merely sent a text.

So I still had a grouse with him when he walked into my office a day after my birthday smiling one kain big smile like dat. There was a half-cut cake on my table. Bobo Nice had sent it on my birthday and I had shared part of the cake amongst my colleagues in the office. X opened the cake box and exclaimed: “Hey! Cake…Nice!! So do we get a slice?”
I looked at him. The bobo no dey shame sef, he want chop cake when he no even fit call me wish me happy birthday. No be only cake he go chop, na KAKE! Looking him straight in the eye, I said: “So you want to eat the cake someone else sent? Which one did you bring along while coming abi you didn’t know my birthday was yesterday? Or you didn’t know that they use cake to celebrate birthdays?”
Harsh, I know. But I meant it to be.
The guy just stared at me speechless. He wasn’t expecting that from me.
After some moments, he replied: “But you don’t even know if I brought something for you and it is in the car” I was like “Okay so if it is in the car, go and bring it now…” He didn’t move an inch. I knew he hadn’t brought anything and was just trying to bluff.
Anyway, what I said to him touched him cos even when I offered him the cake, he refused to eat. Wetin be my own? Beg him to eat the cake? I no send anybody o!

He later explained that he felt hurt when I refused his proposal to take me out on my birthday and he assumed that I had plans to spend my birthday with someone else which was why he didn’t bother calling or coming around. He was right sha cos I did spend my birthday with O but then I still don't think that was enough reason for him not to at least call.

He stayed a while in my office and then left and since then I haven’t heard a word from him. He hasn’t called or dropped by. Me thinks he has finally advised himself. Good for him, if that’s the case. Yesterday as I was leaving for home in the evening, I saw him outside his office. I don’t know if he saw me and pretended not to but me I just did like I didn’t see him sha and went on my way.

So that is all on X for now.

On to Bobo Nice.
I told you guys he just got his own apartment abi? So last week he called me and begged that I help him get some stuff, you know house hold stuff and all that. He hasn’t got a girlfriend and couldn’t do it by him self. Being the good friend that I am now, I agreed to help him purchase the stuff so he sent the money across.
Last Saturday morning, I packed all the stuff I had bought down to his place. I was helping him set up his kitchen when his elder brother came in. We had met at the wedding of another brother of his some time back so he recognized me. We exchanged pleasantries and he went into the sitting room.
Later on while I was showing Bobo Nice how to operate some of the kitchen stuff, his brother joined us and was like I shouldn’t bother teaching Bobo Nice how to use the appliances, I should just pack my load and come and take my place in the house. We all laughed about it especially Bobo Nice. I wanted to say something like “No o…its not my place o cos Bobo Nice is not my boyfriend or husband” but I just decided to let things lie. From his comment tho, I could see that he (Bobo Nice’s brother) assumed that we were dating and to even worsen things, Bobo Nice kept calling me Baby in front of him. I didn’t know what he had told his bros about me but I made a mental note to discuss it with him later cos he was obviously giving the wrong impression. On impressions, it also occurred to me that anyone who walked in on us as I was busy arranging and setting up stuff in the house would automatically assume I was Bobo Nice’s girlfriend so maybe I was at fault too. Maybe I shouldnt have accepted to help him but it was too late to regret anyway.

I didn’t get to talk about it with him cos I had to leave in a hurry and he was with his brother. Later on that day, he sent me a text thanking me for the help and everything. In the text message he had also sent a recharge card pin number and asked that I credit my phone with it. It was more like a thank you gift. Also in the text message, he talked about how he would be the happiest man if only I would accept him as a life partner. I sent him a reply thanking him for the credit and I also said that as for marriage, I couldn’t consider it cos my heart is with someone else. His reply came shortly. He was finally accepting defeat but advised that I look well before leaping so I do not make a mistake.
I thanked him for the advise. Bobo Nice is a great guy. I do not doubt for a second that he would make a great husband but it’s just unfortunate that I don’t have feelings for him. Sometimes when we are together, I look at his lips and cannot imagine me kissing them. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t have ‘pomo’ lips or anything but I just don’t find them sexy. I love Kissing and I need to find the lips of the man am going to marry attractive, don’t you think so? LOL......

I have this aunt that thinks that am making a mistake by not accepting Bobo Nice as a husband. When she asked me what my reason for not wanting to marry him was and I replied “I don’t find his lips attractive”. She thought I was crazy,lol…according to her, there are important things to consider in marriage and the lips or dentition of guy doesn’t count as one. Her opinion sha. I still think, I need to be physically attracted to my man abeg. Like O for instance now, you won’t beg me to kiss him. I LOVE KISSING HIM!

Okay, so that’s it for Bobo Nice gist.

I have got work to get back to people. I know I have been slacking in visiting blogs, make una no vex, will try to remedy that.
See you around...Love you all plenty plenty!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me...Madam Mushy

Okay so I didn’t plan to spend the night in the arms of O. It just happened.

We had not been talking.
It had taken all the will power I had in me to stop myself from calling him all this while.
He had been sending all those texts that made me wonder if he really missed me as he claimed…I mean...what stopped him from calling?

Anyway Monday afternoon(the day before my birthday), I couldn’t hold out any longer. I missed him terribly and wanted us to see and talk so I sent this message.

“Hey what’s up? Can we see this evening?’

He replied shortly.
“Yes we can. I’ll be right over as soon as am through in the office”
So I got home from work and waited.
Soon enough, he arrived all smiles as if we never had any issues.
I kept a straight face sha, we had issues and they needed sorting out!

So we went to this hangout. Nice place. Poolside and music. Really romantic.
We talked.
About a lot of stuff. Random stuff. How have you been and all….
He asked about my birthday and how I intended to spend it. I didn’t have any plans to celebrate, I told him.
Then he told me he had missed me so much and the past days had been pure hell. Each time he picked up his phone to call, he had to drop it right back cos he didn’t know what to say to me. He knew exactly what I wanted to hear-“Baby let’s get married immediately!” but he really needed time, a few months to sort some things out.

I was like…. I wasn’t asking for marriage immediately o! I just needed to define where we were headed. What you wanted from me and all…

He said, okay so we are on the same page then. Why did we have to put ourselves through all that emotional turmoil? I really want to marry you aphro…all am asking for is some time.

I was silent.

Soon we drifted off to some other random stuffs. It felt so good to be in his company again, laughing at silly jokes like old times.

Time to leave came sooner than I wanted but we had to go, it was getting late. There were no plans to spend the night together as at then yet.

He was dropping me off in front of my house. We said our good nights and I made to get down when he pulled me back and claimed my mouth with his.

It was a mind blowing kiss!

“Baby, can we spend this night together? I just want to wake up next to you on your birthday” he pleaded.
“No way hosey! We still got unresolved issues. Sex will just complicate things right now”
“Who is talking about Sex? I just want to be with you baby. Hold you in my arms all night. I have really missed you so much”
I laughed.
“He he he he he…you hold me in your arms all night? Why does that sound so unbelievable?”
“Let me prove it to you. nothing is going to happen dear”
“No way…NO WAY! Just go home okay? It’s getting late already”
I got down from the car.
He got down too and came over to my side.
“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee babyyyyyyyyy”
I looked at his face. I guess that was my undoing. He had this sad, lost puppy look on his face that melted my heart. What da heck! I also wanted to be with him so damn the torpedoes!
“Okay, okay, lemme get my stuff”

I didn’t regret spending the night with him.
He popped a bottle of wine at midnight and toasted to me. It was lovely.
Some other things went down too,lol…
Yes, he didn’t keep his promise....
Okay I admit, he did try but na me no let am,lol…
Anh…anh don’t blame me jooo…
Since that last time, nothing…nothing and we’ve only done it that once o! We dey try abi?lol….

And he also apologized formally.
I was standing in front of the mirror brushing my hair when he hugged me from behind.
“I know I have been an ass lately love. I am so sorry. Forgive me baby…”

I smiled. I had already forgiven him. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be in that hotel room with him.

Okay so I subscribe to this daily horoscope reading thing. This morning in my mail, I saw this.

My Romantic horoscope reading for today:

“How unrealistic are your goals when it comes to love? Do you think your lover will be a drop-dead gorgeous genius with the patience of a monk and the passion of a tango instructor, or are you cool with just dating a mere human? Time to reassess reality.”

I was staring the hard stark truth in the face…sometimes these readings are right on point o!

You know what?
I'm smiling like a cat that just drank a big bowl of milk right now.
Here's why...

O and his elder sister just left my office now. She sells stuff as in jewellry, clothes and perfumes and he brought her so I could pick what I wanted from her stock.
It wasn't just the fact that he wanted me to pick something from her that tripped me. It was the fact that HE LEFT WORK! If you know how tight it is for this bobo to leave office eh? You go understand wetin I mean.
Anyway, his sister's stuffs were expensive o...
I didn't want to be greedy and just took a bottle of perfume (Jennifer Lopez-Live) and a watch although his sis was urging me to take more.
I was like "We don't want to finish our money o"lol...
Even at that, the stuff I took came to about 25K.
In my mind, I was like E no go better say them give me the money cash?
He He he He...No mind my Ijebu traits,lol...

Haa...i just received a text from O now on my phone.
I'll share it with you guys.
"Aphro.....I can call ur name all day and night and it wouldn't be able to convey the depth of my love for you. You are the music of my life. Shall we dance?"

The bobo dey impress me sha...

Abeg make una leave me o...

I be Madam Mushy today, lol...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's my birthday today and am deliriously happy!
No, not just cos it's my birthday but you see...


Did I wake ur curiousity?lol....

Gist coming up...

In the meantime, get ur gifts ready. If you impress me, I just might be back with the juicy gist before you know it,lol...