Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stay away Ex!

Hello peeps!
Whats da dilly yo?
In naija speak, How una dey?

I ope say every body dey chill like ice water(lol).

Well me, am chilling very welll o! things couldnt be better with O. in fact last night during our usual midnight chat time, I asked him:
"O, do you love me?"
Dont mind me o, he has told me several times but i just love asking, women sef!
And he replied
"Aphrodite, i love you so much it hurts"
Oh my Gawd...I was so moved and happy when he said it that i replied
"I love you too"
Guys, this would be the first time i am saying those words to him. I find it hard to say those words to any guy cos i belive love is not something to be played with anyhow and used in every sentence if you aint sure about your feelings.
So i said it to him and held my breath.
Funny, he held his breath too.
The silence was very thick, you could slice through it.
Then he spoke
"I dont know what to say, i am speechless...i am so happy...i dont think i 'll ever forget this day"
I laughed, trying to lighten the mood
"Abeg try to forget it o, its no big deal"
Who was i kidding? It was a big deal and I felt on top of the moon jare, but you know now, a girl's got to be a girl(lol).

On Mr. X, the bobo has been outdoing himself of late o. Acting all nice and everything. The guy is almost making me believe that he has changed for the better. Even warming himself back into the hearts of my family. You know we were very serious before so everyone in my family knows him.
Anyway, today he came to my office as usual to say hi and as he was leaving, he asked me to kiss him. Mhen! this guy get liver o. Kiss ke? i said no and it was almost becoming a mini-struggle till i pushed him away and told him.
"Seriously we need to talk...i dont understand what you want, coming back and being all over me like this, i already told you i have someone else"
He replied
"Honey, I have told you that you're my wife and no one can take you away from me"
" I am not your wife!"
i told him with a stern look.

Truth is, i still have a soft spot for him. He knows this and is trying to take advantage of it. maybe if O wasnt on the scene, i may have reconsidered him but now with O around, i dont think there is space for him in my heart again. The best we can be is friends.

Do i sound like am trying to convince myself?
I hope not.
Why didnt he just stay out of my life!

The latest gist on K.
This dude has now formed a habit of flashing me in the middle of the night(during my chats with O). He just keeps flashing and flashing. Initially, I didnt know it was him. i was wondering who the idiot was that would stay up at night flashing someone with unknown number. It just seemed crazy!
Anyway, a few days ago, K called me and while talking he blurted:
"Who is this person that you are always talking with in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?"
I was shocked.
"So it is you thats always flashing me at night? You too why dont you sleep...why do you have to stay up flashing me?"
He wasnt even ashamed. He kept on lamenting on how i dont call him even during the day and i stay up chatting with some guy on the phone till the wee hours of the morning. When i was tired of his rambling, i told him to stop giving himself hypertension. Missing his sleep and staying awake to flash me in the middle of the night. I mean, how pathetic can one get??

He still flashed last night sha.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to normal

Hello peeps.
Am good, I hope you all are.
Forgive my ranting on my last post. I typed that post when I was in a very bad mood feeling that O was not being honest with me.
For those who didn’t understand what I was going on about. It was me and O again. We had had a misunderstanding over his ex calling him while we were chatting on the phone and he putting me on hold just to answer her. I guess I overreacted a bit and didn’t see things from his own angle but thank God, everything has been resolved now and we are back to our lovey-dovey selves again, lol! I must admit I gave the guy small tough time these few days o, next time am sure he’ll think twice before doing anything that’d question his loyalty to me.

So that resolved, what else has been happening with me?

Yea I know, I promised to talk about Bobo Nice but I prefer to gist about Mr. X today.

Mr. X as his name sounds is my ex-boyfriend before B.G.We dated for about a year and five months until I decided to end the relationship cos i was fed up with his cheating/lying ass.

We had been very serious, even talking marriage before I ended it all. Am like that, once I make up my mind about something, I usually follow it through damning the consequences.

So I told him that we were through and I was moving on. He didn’t believe me then and thought I was joking and would come running back into his arms after a few weeks but it didn’t happen.

B.G was there. We were friends then and after I broke if off with Mr.X, he gently warmed himself into my heart(Men!) and before you could say relationship, we began one. I confess, for me, I just needed to forget about my ex so it was a welcome distraction and I must say, it really helped me get over my ex very easily. I knew I had entered the relationship for the wrong reasons and it was only a matter of time before the cracks began to show and they did later on.

Anyway, that’s not what I want to yarn about-the cracks in my relationship with B.G I mean.

The main gist is that now Mr. X is trying to stage a comeback into my life. What did he think? That I was alone this past year waiting for him to return and take his place in my life,lol! he must be the biggest joke if that’s the case!

I have told him that there is no space for him in my life anymore and I am in a relationship with a guy I care about and who cares about me but my guy no dey gree hear word o! He keeps saying he doesn’t care about any other person and that I am his ‘woman for life’, imagine!

We only just recently began to talk to each other. For sometime since we broke up last year, we have been ‘Hi, Hi’ friends but I thought we weren’t enemies so why behave coldly and all so I started to give him a smile anytime we crossed paths and I think he now feels that because of that he has an opportunity to waltz back into my life like he never left.

The other day, I was in my office when he strolled in. (His office is just opposite mine). I was with one of my male colleagues discussing a client’s brief when he(my ex) shows up. He walked straight to where we were seated and makes to give me a peck on my cheek. I quickly ducked my head to avoid the peck. It was embarrassing, I know but I didn’t want him giving my colleagues the wrong impression which I noticed he had being trying to do of late. Calling me ‘baby’ in front of everyone and all that ish. I also notice the looks my colleagues give me when ever he comes and starts acting like I was his girlfriend. They probably wonder if we are back together or something and I am determined to let them see the true picture of things.

So that day, I ducked my head and he looked very embarrassed. He now asked me to give him a few minutes outside, that he wanted to talk to me.
I went with him and guess what…he started complaining. Guys can you believe it…he started to complain,lol!
“Why did you have to treat me the way you just did inside, in the presence of your colleague?”
See this guy o! Just because I extended a hand, he now wants to grab the whole arm. I retorted sharply:
“Please do not try that stunt again…what impression are you trying to give my colleagues…and do you realize that’s an office, you cant come in trying to kiss me in there and i have told you, i am not your girlfriend, stop giving people the impression that i am!”

“You are my woman for life, nobody can take you away from me” he replied.

“Me…your woman? Please get this straight…I am not your woman!”

Somebody needs to tell this guy that I am not into him anymore. There is O who I am just starting up things with and I don’t intend for him to spoil things for me abegi!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Go be with her and leave me alone!!!


They always say babes are deceitful, liars and all that but they are the ones who are full of lies!
A girl decides to give her heart and everything to a man yet he still lies and cheats on her, it’s just not fair!

Why am I ranting?
It’s because right now, am hurting, am hurting badly.

I have been as honest as I could and he hasn’t.
I don’t have enough proof that he has been cheating
but I think what I have is enough to conclude that he hasn’t been totally honest.

He claims he loves me, he is crazy about me, and he can’t do without me
But I don’t believe it!

I knew he had a girlfriend before he met me.
Yes he told me.
I also wasn’t single, you guys know that.
There was B.G.
I wasn’t in love with him no doubt but we were in a relationship.
We were shagging and doing all the stuffs lovers did until I decided I didn’t want to continue living a lie.
Giving him my body but not my heart.
So I stopped.

We didn’t know things were going to get serious.
We didn’t plan for it but it happened
We got more involved and committed
Our other partners had to be cut off
He said he had broken it off with her-his girlfriend
I believed him.
I also told B.G how things were
Although till now, he refuses to accept it.

Now it turns out he may have been lying
He may just have been playing with my feelings
How else do you explain this:

We were chatting on the phone in the middle of the night as usual
Suddenly he puts me on hold
I am surprised, what’s happening? I ask myself
I couldn’t hold no any longer so I ended the call and called back
Three times it rang, three times he didn’t pick it
It was on ‘call waiting’
He was on another call.
Upset, I gave up trying.
Then he calls me minutes later to tell me
It was a mixup
Mixup my ass!!!
I insist he has to explain what that meant
Finally he tells me, it was her, his ex
She had called, she was crying, pleading with him to take her back
Yeah right! So you had to put me on hold for that? Without the courtesy of even telling me to hold on?
And when I called thrice you didn’t pick till you were done talking with her
What did you tell her?
That I meant nothing to you?

It obvious she means more than I do to you
So stop calling my phone to say sorry
Go be with your girlfriend and leave me alone!
Am tired of ur lying ass!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why cant we stop arguing?

Hey peeps!
I know I have been MIA for a while now. Its just that there hasn’t been anything much to blog about. I have been keeping things on the low for a while coupled with the fact that yours truly was down with the most common illness in Naija-Malaria!

I am getting better now, although not fully recovered but it is well, No fear.

Things with O are okay except for the fact that it’s like recently we are almost arguing over everything…even the silliest things. I guess as emotions get more involved even the littlest things begin to seem important. Like for instance, he drops me off after a date and I fail to call him later to find out if he got home safe and he takes offence or I tell him I don’t feel well and I expect that he’ll come down to my office to find out how am doing but he says he’s very busy and cant make it to see me, then I take offence.

You know, silly things really but we now start arguing and next thing we are angry, we end the conversation(usually on the phone) and the rest of the day is spoilt for me. Anytime we have our tiffs, am always miserable and he says it’s the same for him too. Why can’t we just stop these fights then? It beats me. One minute we are apologizing to each other and promising not to make each other mad again and the next we are back to arguing again. I admit i am spoilt when it comes to relationships. I have always been in relationships where I am doted on and pampered but O doesn’t really do all those doting and pampering sturves which gets me all sulky and moody.

Maybe like uzezi and oluwadee said, its better to be with a man who loves you more than you do him but then again I want to also be crazily in love with my man. I guess being in love goes hand in hand with the heart aches too. Maybe I just have to get used to it.

As I type this post, O and I are not talking and its killing me. I want to call him and hear his voice but then again I want him to call me first and apologize for making me sad. Why is love so complicated, why?

To other matters,
I haven’t seen B.G since the last time but we still communicate over the phone. He seems to have gotten over our last discussion and still believes that god will bring us back together. He tells me he is praying over things and he has handed it over to God.

K is still there as always…never giving up. He seems to be getting the message better now cos he has been telling me that he feels I am in love with someone else from my attitude. I affirmed it hoping he would finally leave me alone but whosai…dude is even more determined than ever to win my heart.

Then there is Bobo Nice. I haven’t had time to talk about him yet. I’ll probably do that in my next post.
I have to go now peeps.
See you around!