Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunch + Room =????

Been away too long, right?
Really ...really sorry for abandoning my peeps like dat.
I could say that I've ben busy as hell...
or that I travelled for an official assignment.
But that would be a lie...
I have come here, lots of times with so much to write about, yet there was no zeal to put down anything.
I have been at your blogs, yes all ur blogs!
Read all the gists but left as silently as I came.
Dont ask me why cos I dont know...
Just had this silly reluctance to show my presence,lol...

Today, I said, warrahelll!
I'm gonna put something down on this blog whether the devil likes it or not,lol...

Got nothing much to say tho....
I've been okay, work's been good, Family's fine. Nothings's happened in my love life yet. Not that the toasters aint coming but am not ready to commit my heart to just any guy anymore especially after what happened with O.
I'm gonna take my rush.

I just got a text from one of my clients now. It read:
" Hi, Aphro, Is ABC Hotel okay for lunch? Should I book a room so that we can have a good chat? We can order Room service, if you dont mind. Pls reply."

My reply was: "ABC is okay. No need booking a room, we can chat conveniently at the restaurant. Thank you."


My people, see me see wahala o...

You wan carry me go lunch, wetin concern booking room inside that one now? Abi no be extra something this one dey find?lol...

Okay lemme explain,

This guy is married. He has been my client for more than 3 years now so we are kinda very friendly as in chat on a personal level some times.
He offered to take me to lunch sometime last year and since then I have been non commital.

Well, yesterday after a meeting I had with him. I accepted his offer for lunch.
I was especially feeling very grateful to him cos I had gone to apologise for something that happened on a job he gave my company to handle. It was my fault and I had to fix it, my boss had emphasized.
Luckily for me, he(client) graciously accepted the apology but again raised the issue of lunch which I agreed to.

Now this text message...

Men! Men!!!

Why do they do this...all the time???

But wait I thinking too far? Maybe it's just an innocent request?

Ur take guys?