Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still smoking like fire!!!!

While at work yesterday, my cousin called to say she was dropping by...
She's starting her biz and wanted some PR ideas...
"You look good!" she exclaimed when she came.
"Thanks" I replied, taking a sweeping look at myself.
Just a black shirt on a black & white skirt. What's the big deal, I thought.
Took an excuse from Mr. Boss...
Then we headed to a nearby eatery for a hearty meal and some discussion.

Discussion...going well...
Waiter calls me out to move my car cos someone needed to leave.
On my way back in...
"Excuse me Ma'am" It was the waiter.
"Yes?" I turned to him.
Handing a Business card to me...
"A customer asked me to give this to you"
Quick glance at the card. It read ...bla bla bla Motors....M.D...
"Which Customer?" I queried.
"He has left. He tried to get your attention but couldnt so he asked me to give you this so you can call him"

*Na so dem dey call?*(in my head)

Got back to the table.
Dropped Card in front of my cousin.
Eye brows raised, "What's this?" she asked
"The new style of toasting"
We both laughed.

Still eating and ideas flowing...
I glanced to the table on my left.
This dude was in really STARING at me.
Looked away...
Looked again...
He mouthed the words "Y-O-U L-O-O-K B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L"
I looked away, pretending I didnt get the message.

Mid-discussion with cousin, dude butts in.
"Sorry, but are you a wedding planner?" No dude, am not Oluwadee,lol... (In my head)
He was looking at me.
Cousin looks irritated.
I look amused. Actually I was amused.
What a line...
"No I' m not" smiling, I turn my attention back to Coz.

I was describing something to her,
She was listening attentively
He was staring stupidly,lol....
"You know, you will do very well as a marketer in a bank"
It was the guy again,
Cousin was irritated again,
I was amused, yet again.

"I am in marketing, but I dont work in a bank"
"Can I get your card?"
Split-second thinking...
It wont hurt...
He may even be a new business prospect...
"Okay" I handed over my Biz card.
"I'll call you" he said as he got up to leave.

I turn to cousin.
Now, she looks amused.
"Babe, you haven't lost it still smoking like fire!!"

*Smug Smile*

"Oh yes I am! Too bad for those who can't see it..."