Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bobo Nice, O & Mr. Holland Update

How una dey my peeps?

Me I just dey bubble like champagne o!

Nice anon & Madam Verastic wanted to know about Bobo Nice & Mr. Holland so here's the update:

Bobo Nice & I are still cool though there hasnt been any talk of relationship much less marriage between us since last year when he sat me down and proposed for the umpteenth time.
Sadly, I turned him down. I felt really bad for him but there was nothing I could do. My head dey scatter for O dat time sef :).
I told him I was in love with someone else and couldnt be with him. He took it badly sha and since then stopped calling as frequently as before. I guess the bobo was trying to forget me so I helped him out by not bothering him too.

This year, we've seen a couple of times and spoken too tho like i said earlier, it hasnt been as frequent as before. His birthday was yesterday and I called to wish him a happy birthday. We used to celebrate our birthdays together since they are only a few days apart(mine is Sept 2nd so start getting ur pressies ready o...).
We usually have a birthday dinner or hang out at the beach or go see a movie and we would definitely exchange gifts. Well,this year, I wasnt expecting anything of the sort seeing as we haven't been very close of late so u can imagine my surprise when i asked him how he was celebrating and he replied " As usual now...i'll come by to see you this weekend so we'll plan it". I said fine, no wahala..

Anyway, he still thinks i'm still with O and I dont intend to correct that impression. Truth is, I still don't feel he is the man I want to spend my life with.(sorry Bobo Nice Fans)

Talking about O, the guy called me some weeks back o! Telling me how he misses me and wants us to be back together. Me thinks he isn't serious and just wants to find out if I still got the hots for him. He sent me this text a few days ago:
"I miss you, what wouldnt I do for one kiss....ok...ok...I know I ask for too much but at least a great, big, warm hug will do for starters"

Imagine the cheek!
Devil go solder im yansh!,lol...(pardon my french).
I no kuku reply the maga jare.

And to even show that he is still as inconsistent as ever, he hasn't even called since the last time. talk about a leopard never changing his spots.

Back to better people jare,
Mr. holland and I have been getting on quite well o. In fact since I decided to stop harassing the poor guy on the phone(I used to be very rude yet it didnt put him off), I have actually discovered that he has a good sense of humour as in he cracks me up a lot with the silly stuff he says at times.

He is actually coming into the country to see me in a two weeks time. Yes to see moi!
Okay I admit, I hoodwinked him into coming :)
He had told me that he planned his leave for December so he could spend Xmas in Naija. Well, yours sincerely told him that maybe he would also be attending my wedding when he came cos by Xmas, I may just be settling down.
Guess what, dude called me a couple of days later to say he was going to take week off work to come down to Naija to see me so come second week in September, I'm going to meet him.
According to him, once I see him, i'll never let him go. make we dey watch now...

So far, he has quite some pluses going for him.
I have totally pissed him off several times deliberately to see his reaction and yes he had gotten really angry and sometimes vented but always calls back to apologise and say "Lets talk about it" unlike some people I used to know :0

...and then, not forgetting that he has the ability to make me laugh too.

Oh and did I mention he is from my villa? That is sure to please my folks,lol...

No, I dont love him yet o, let's wait till he comes to see if the sparks will fly by then.

Got plenty to yarn but lets save some of the tory for later, aight?

Love u all...



Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

You're still not feeling Bobo Nice? Aww men!!! Sucks. I'm a fan of Bobo Nice, but if you say he's not the one, then what can we do?

The Holland Bobo doesn't sound bad sha. A man that can make you laugh is a beautiful man. And ehm... don't even be talking about that nonsense O. Never liked it from the beginning!!


Vera Ezimora said...

I'm 3rd too!

Nice Anon said...

Seems like Vera is hoarding the comment box. I was a fan of bobo Nice. Well, let's see how things go with this new guy.

Tigeress said...

Marriage wahala! I hope you choose the right guy.

uche said...


Trybes said...

dunno too much about your story but my intuition tells me that Bobo Nice seems to be the genuine of all...would be nice if you can open your heart to him once again.. but then like i said..i dunno your story..

chayoma said...

Awww, i was really rooting for BoBo Nice.
But Mr. Holland doesn't sound too shabby oh.
Make we see now.

doll said...

tHAT O s just rubbish...hisses...seems you like this Mr. Holland

Tisha said...

Tisha's here:

I have been waiting for you to update. Forget about O men, he did not say he missed you, he says he missed your hugs. That smacks of physical, its not something that will be lasting to me.

Holland guy, hmmm! i must have missed something. write ur qualities down cos forever is important.

FFF said...

i likey Bobo Nice, but oh well, no b me go marry am. So, it's all good. It sounds like u may be sending d Holland dude small oh. LOL. It's all good. So, prepare to go obodo-oyibo den. O, as u very well knw my feelings towards him, needs to take a hike!

Myne Whitman said...

I am a bobo nice fan sha but not plus you. You're not feeling him, you're not.

As for mr holland, after my friend turn mugu for one mr holland promise and fail, I no trust those 'I-go-come' obodo oyinbo men. Make them come first.

LusciousRon said...

If you are not feeling Bobo Nice, well then let him go. As for Mr. Holland, like Myne Whitmean, let him come first.

Goodluck on that one.

Aphrodite said...

Thanks all...

princesa said...

Wish u all the best with Mr. Holland dearie.

Make we do aso-ebi soon o!lol!

Buttercup said...

Eeya Bobo least it's not like he has proposed again. That O, ehn! Wow I didnt think you'd get this far with Mr Holland..good for you :). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

tobenna said...

Happy belated birthday.
Hope it was swell?

QMoney said...

Hmmm,Mr Holland??
let him come first before i will talk my own......if i catch that O ehn,i will squeeze him oh,tell him to berra move faaaar away from u

ShonaVixen said...

wow its seems like forever since i've been here and girl O is still texting you??Ohhh hell naw to him!!

deola said...